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S1E4 - Champagne's Rich History and The Tradition of Louis Roederer with Jean de Castelnau

Explore the regal world of Champagne with Jean de Castelnau, export manager for the historic Champagne House, Maison Louis Roederer. Founded in 1776, this family-owned house has crafted fine wines for over two centuries.

Valerie delves into Champagne's rich history, culture, and traditions with Jean. From the iconic Prestige Vintage Cuvée, Cristal, commissioned by the Tsar of Russia in 1876, to Cellar Master Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon's commitment to sustainable viticulture, Roederer preserves Champagne traditions with care.

Enjoy this episode as they uncork the essence of Champagne!

“Waiting, patience, questioning nourish creation, reveal it and sublimate it. This is how our great Champagne wines are born.” — Frédéric Rouzaud, Chairman and CEO (7th Roederer’s generation).