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S1E3 - Crafting Cheese Tradition with Jules Mons of Maison Mons

Coming to you from the tiny Italian town of Bra - in Piemonte - we dive back into the timeless world of cheese, celebrated at Slow Food's biennial event. It's a cheese lover's paradise. Slow Food cherishes local food cultures, opposes fast food, and rekindles our connection with food.

Our guest today, Jules Mons - a prominent figure in the cheese world - represents the third generation of the Maison Mons. His uncle, Hervé Mons - a renowned affineur and MOF (‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ or ‘Best Craftsman of France’) - guided Valérie in her early cheese endeavours.

Join us today as we uncover the rich history and traditions of cheese and savour their stories. Food enthusiasts, don't miss this episode.