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Sensing Up Trailer

Hello and welcome to Sensing Up, a podcast you need to listen to with your 5 senses!

My name is Valérie Henbest. I am French. I am Australian. I am on a mission to discover more about the senses and how they promote pleasure once you engage them and listen to them more carefully.

Each episode will give you a reason to listen, look, smell,  touch and taste more effectively.

Special guests will share their own “Madeleine de Proust” moment - the memory they conjure up from a little cake, a special perfume, a piece of art or a particular piece of music.

Sharpen your tastebuds, fine tune your eardrums, clear your nose and throat, and keep your eyes wide open.

Join us for a journey through textures, flavours and aromas from our daily life.

Allow us to turn a mundane activity into a magical moment. Using your own senses AND many talented food and wine lovers from Australia and all over the world.

Sensing Up - a podcast on 'ideas worth tasting'!