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S1E1 - From Banker to Cheese Artisan with Kym Masters of Section28

In this episode of Sensing Up, Valérie sits down with Kym Masters, the Founder of Section28.

Kym's passion for cheese and his desire to translate regional flavours is evident throughout the episode. His dedication to making a difference in the Adelaide cheese market has undeniably paid off - after a remarkable career transition from banking to artisan cheese.

The episode explores cheese as a vehicle with a language of its own. Kym and Valerie discuss how it can be a means of communication, introducing new vocabulary and ideas to the palate.

Listeners are invited to partake in a sensory experience by enjoying the very same cheeses before, during or after the episode - creating an opportunity to explore your own palate alongside the conversation.

Join us in an intriguing look at cheese as a tool of language and sensory experience.