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S1E6 - The World's Best Cheese: Gruyère with Denis Kaser

In this of Sensing Up, Valérie engages in a conversation with Denis Kaser, the head of international marketing for Le Gruyère AOP.

Both currently in Brisbane, Valérie has just concluded a series of cheese masterclasses, featuring the renowned Swiss cheese, Gruyère, paired with delightful chocolates. Denis, who has dedicated the last 5 years to the Gruyère consortium, shares his journey from the corporate world to advocating for this ancient and traditional cheese worldwide.

As Gruyère was crowned the World’s Best Cheese at the World Cheese Awards last year, Denis takes us behind the scenes, shedding light on its impact on the countless individuals dedicated to preserving the essence of Gruyère.

The episode explores what to drink, eat, and pair with Gruyère, delving into the reasons behind its distinctive terroir-based characteristics. Denis shares insights into what he describes as a rebirth and a reckoning with life as it should be—a sensory-rich conversation that captures the essence of Gruyere.