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Smelly Cheese Co.

The French Cheese & Champagne Masterclass Cheese Pack


If you loved our French Cheese & Champagne masterclass, this box is perfect for you to enjoy at home! Elect to add a bottle of Champagne if you want a truly decadent night. 

Hervé Mons Délice de St Cyr

Cow’s Milk - Triple Cream - Ile de France - France

This soft bloomy rind triple cream is sourced from the Ile de France in North-Central France. The milk in enriched with ripened cream and then made using traditional methods. The fine white rind encases a delicate savoury but very creamy interior.

Saint Maure Cendre

Goat’s Milk - Chèvre - Loire Vallée - France

This is one of the most popular French goat cheeses made in Poitou Charente. The pastures and rolling hills of this region provide an environment that allows goats to produce a high yield of excellent quality milk. The rind is dusted with salt and wood ash which provides a lovely contrast to the pure white interior of the cheese. The centre remains chalky as the cheese softens elegantly under the increasingly wrinkly rind. The flavour when young is of lemons with a hint of nuttiness. It develops more herbaceous and aromatic flavours with an increased nuttiness as the cheese ripens.

Marcel Petite Comté Select 14 months

Cow’s Milk - Semi-Hard - Jura - France

Named after the Franche-Comté region, this is the most popular cheese eaten in France, with 40,000 tonnes produced per year. Marcel Petite have been refining the art of affinage for five generations, selecting Comté exclusively from small dairies of the Jura mountains. By tapping the surface of the cheese, the Affineur can detect any cracks or faults in fermentation in the young wheels. It then undergoes the traditional maturation for a minimum of 14 months. This cheese has a savoury aroma and peanut-buttery, caramel palate.


Cow’s Milk - Washed Rind - Bourgogne - France

Epoisses was first made by monks of the Abbaye de Citeaux, in the village of Epoisses situated in the heart of Burgundy. Made from Burgundian cow’s milk, freshly salted Epoisses are moved into humid cellars to mature. Each is washed and brushed by hand two to three times a week with a mixture of rainwater and Marc de Bourgogne, a spirit made from the leftover grape hulls (marc) from winemaking. The yeast and fermenting agents produce the distinctive orange-red exterior as it develops over a period of about 6 weeks. Epoisses has a moist shiny rind containing an oozing creamy interior that melts in the mouth. The aroma is powerful but pleasant and the flavour is strong but balanced between sweet, savoury and salty.

Minimum total cheese weight is 750 grams.

Also included in the box:

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The French Cheese & Champagne Masterclass Cheese Pack