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Smelly Cheese Co

The Cheese and Champagne Indulgence Box


This selection celebrates the finer things in life because you deserve them!

Each box contains a bottle Champagne Marc Hébrart Selection Blanc de Blancs.

Hervé Mons Délice de St Cyr

Cow’s Milk - Triple Cream - Île de France - France

This soft bloomy rind triple cream is sourced from the Île-de-France in North-Central France. The milk in enriched with ripened cream and then made using traditional methods. The fine white rind encases a delicate savoury but very creamy interior.

Sainte-Maure Cendré

Goat’s Milk - Chèvre - Loire Vallée - France

This is one of the most popular French goat cheeses made in Poitou-Charente. The pastures and rolling hills of this region provide an environment that allows goats to produce a high yield of excellent quality milk. The rind is dusted with salt and wood ash which provides a lovely contrast to the pure white interior of the cheese. The centre remains chalky as the cheese softens elegantly under the increasingly wrinkly rind. The flavour when young is of lemons with a hint of nuttiness. It develops more herbaceous and aromatic flavours with an increased nuttiness as the cheese ripens.

Comté Select Minimum 24 months

Cow’s Milk - Semi-Hard - Jura - France

Matured by Hervé Mons in the old railway tunnel he has converted to a cheese cave, this Comté has exquisite nutty characters. Named after the Franche-Comté region, this is the most popular cheese eaten in France, with 40,000 tonnes produced per year.  By tapping the surface of the cheese, the affineur can detect any cracks or faults in fermentation in the young wheels. It then undergoes the traditional maturation for a minimum of 14 months. This cheese has a savoury aroma and peanut-buttery, caramel palate.

Blu 61

Cow’s Milk - Blue Cheese - Veneto - Italy

The story of La Casearia Carpenedo begins with Ernesto Carpenedo. His son, Antonio continued in the family business and after hearing war stories of cheese being hidden in vats of wine to stop it being taken by invading forces, he began dipping the cheese into vats of grapes. Antonio Carpenedo created Blu 61 and offered it to Giuseppina whom he married in 1961. A cheese to fall in love with that reflects the passion they both have for cheese. This creamy blue cheese is ripened for sixty days before being matured with fine Raboso Passito wine and red cranberries that harmonise to create a very well structured, elegant blue cheese.

Brebitruffe Tradition

Sheep's Milk - Semi Hard - Spain

Italian black summer truffles are interspersed throughout the interior of the cheese, which is matured for at least three months to achieve the perfect balance of flavours. A rich, pungent aroma wafts out of the cheese as soon as you cut into the dense but pliant curd. Pale butter yellow in appearance, the black streaks of truffle stand out where they have settled into natural crevices throughout the wheel. The bold and earthy flavour of the truffle complements the characteristically buttery flavour of the cheese.

Your box also comes with:

The Little Lenswood Flavour & Co. Fruit Paste

Bacco's Leaves

*If one of the items in the collection is unavailable or does not meet our high quality standards, we may need to substitute an item of equal or greater value.

Minimum of 850g

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The Cheese and Champagne Indulgence Box