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Smelly Cheese Co.

Adixions Chocolate by Vicki


If you love chocolate as much as you love cheese, then Vicki's tablets are exactly what you need.

All of the tablets are 100g each.

We offer:


- Easter Egg Tablette Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate 110g

- Easter Egg Tablette Sour Cherry & Coconut Dark Chocolate 110g

- Dark Chocolate Almond Dragée 64% - 150g

- Hot Chocolate Easter Bunny with Marshmallows 

- Fluffle of Mini Dark Chocolate Bunnies x4

- Coco Rouge 64% Premium Dark Chocolate 

- Café Noir 55% Premium Dark Chocolate 

Pink Peppercorn 64% Premium Dark Chocolate

- Fancy Freckles 41% Milk Chocolate

- 55% Australian Sea Salt & Lime Premium Dark Chocolate

- Strawberry Eucalyptus & Premium Dark Chocolate

- Roast Hazelnut 64% Dark Chocolate Brique - 85g

- Christmas Tree 64% Dark Chocolate and Raspberry 

Christmas Tree 41% Milk Chocolate

Adixions Chocolate by Vicki