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Transhumance, Terroir & Tradition

If you have been following us for a while now, you would have heard about the importance of seasonality in the life of a cheese.

To keep this idea simple, let's say it all has to do with what the animals are eating.

But when you get to places near the Alps or the Pyrenees, spring and summer means that you can reach higher altitudes for your animals to graze on richer pastures.

And I have been extraordinarily lucky to have been invited to walk along professional shepherds who managed to guide around 100 sheep to higher pastures. In the Pyrenees, they call this walk 'The Transhumance'.

For the rest of the summer, these shepherds will milk their sheeps twice a day and make cheese (Ossau Iraty) on site with bare minimums.

The Ossau-Iraty will present a flavour profile like no others. And once you see the amount of work it takes to make it, the least you can do is place your hands on your ears and wait to hear the sound of the sheep’s bells. I promise you. It is part of it!

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