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Tasmania, A Foodie's Dream!

Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state, a fabulous theme park for nature lovers, foodies, whisky and wine aficionados... amongst lots of other things.

The truth is, there is definitely something in the air in Tasmania!

A special quality to the land, the ocean and the pristine atmosphere that surrounds the Apple Isle that just seems to guarantee products' quality and good food in general. 

Black truffles are produced in the north of the island. Honey in the west. The Best Pinot and Chardonnay in the north and south east...

And of course, there's great artisanal cheeses - From Coal River Cheese to Grandewe, Ashgrove, Pyengana, Bruny Island, King Island... the list goes on.

Pure air, the cleanest water on earth, mild temperatures, lush pastures. All these ingredients create an ideal setting for a world-class cheese industry in Tasmania that is surely a foodie’s dream come true.

I was recently visiting Daniel and Melanie Leesong at their farm in Coal River.

Coal River Farm is 15 minutes north of Hobart and taps into a growing tourist demand for authentic paddock-to-plate experiences.

As a result, Daniel and Melanie decided 15 years ago to drop their high flying corporate life in order to create on their new acquired farm an environment they could share with their customers, and as a result feed them with the great products they would create on site.

If you get a chance to visit the farm, you will be able to witness the cheesemaker turning his wheels of ashed brie. You will also delight at the sight of the chocolatier pouring some hot chocolate into various moulds. And this of course coming with strong and delightful aromas. Watch out for sensory overload!

If you are a cheese fanatic like us, you will be pleased to know that the cheesemaker at Coal River Farm collects milk every morning from a single herd of cows from a dairy close to the farm and transforms the milk straight away. Best practice to ensure you work with the milk's full goodness.

Next time you have a chance to taste their delicious cheeses, close your eyes as every bite reminds you of the pristine quality of all the elements that constitute the terroir these are coming from!

Daniel also planted vines behind the restaurant; enough of them to produce Chardonnay, Rosé and Pinot Noir for you to enjoy with the cheese. You know my moto: what grows together, goes together, and this pairing will not give you a chance to contradict this.

In a world where everything goes so fast, it is quite endearing to take the time to sit in front of a lake, while enjoying a High Cheese paired with locally made wines.

This should be compulsory for our health benefit 💛


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