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Laurent Dubois - Fromager Affineur

As some of you might know, I used to live in Paris. And my love for cheese was back then an easy one to attend to. 

You can as easily find a cheese shop there as you can find a bakery… nearly! 

And today, if you google Cheese Shops in Paris on your computer, you will probably get Laurent Dubois' cheese shops popping up right in front of you.

Laurent Dubois is one of my favourite cheesemongers. He is in fact a Maître Fromager (Cheese Master). He is also a MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France or Best Craftsman in France) since the year 2000.

His shops are so special that, on weekends, customers are actually willing to wait in long lines just to get a taste of his original creations. So pretty you want to taste them all.

With 4 shops to his name and a prestigious restaurant at Le Printemps du Goût (8th floor of Le Printemps), Laurent combines French Classics like Comté and Brie, with audacious creations you can only find there. His maturing room is dedicated to small batches of raw artisanal cheeses. 

Laurent's grand-parents opened a cheese shop just after WWII in the suburbs. Cheeses were scarce back then and only coming from nearby regions such as Normandy, Burgundy and the Loire Valley.

Then Laurent's Dad got a shop in Paris but later on decided to go South, in the Cévennes, and became the Pelardon (small goat's cheese) specialist.

Around the late 80's, Laurent knew he wanted to dedicate his life to cheese, and with his father's help, started a Tour de France des fromages, studying everything about cheese, from collecting milk to cheesemaking and maturing.

He was then ready to open his own shop and bought his Dad's in 1996 in the 15th area (2, rue de Lourmel). He knew he wanted to be a cheese specialist, therefore got rid of deli lines and focused solely on cheese.

He became a MOF in the year 2000 along with Hervé Mons, Marie Quatrehomme and Christian Janier.

Laurent started with 50 different cheeses back in the late 90's. Today he has more than 250. He knows his suppliers personally and visit them regularly.

He is also a very strong advocate for raw milk, as he strongly believes than only raw milk can give you the perfect translation of the Terroir it is coming from.

So, if you are in Paris, and in search for the perfect cheeses, look no more. Go straight to one of Laurent's 4 shops (addresses below) and indulge at his restaurant at Le Printemps du Goût, where you can enjoy the perfect Croque Monsieur, served with a nice glass of Côte du Rhône while admiring the Parisian roof tops and the Eiffel Tower!

Bon Fromage and Bonne Degustation!

Laurent Dubois's Fromageries

Bastille - 97/99 Rue Saint-Antoine, Paris 4ème

Maubert - 47 ter Bd Saint-Germain, Paris 5ème

Dupleix - 2 Rue de Lourmel, Paris 15ème

Auteuil - 58 Rue d’Auteuil, Paris, 16ème

Le Printemps du Gout - 64 Bd Haussmann, Paris 9ème

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