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Christmas Vibes from Smelly Cheese Co 🎄

Special Christmas Box 🎅🏻

One thing we know for sure, you dont need much to create the perfect tête-à-tête in the intimacy of your home!

All it takes to bring it up one notch is adding the right ingredient!

A wonderfully decadent triple cream from France, a festive and hand-made chocolate mixed with dehydrated raspberries, some funky crackers and a very special Blanc de Blancs Champagne from a small Champagne House.

Just the right amount of the right product 🥂

Delivered to your home or these of the people you want to surprise with the perfect Christmas box 🎄


Christmas Box



Cheese Knives Set 🔪

All the cheese knives you need in a box! One for each particular cheese.

From soft to hard and everything in between. Another present that you will be happy to offer someone you love.


Cheese Knives Set  



Aussie Christmas Box  🇦🇺

A few more tickets for sale if you are keen to discover some fabulous pairings between great cheeses and exquisite wines from the Adelaide Hills!

Michael has already won many awards in his young career and is definitely mastering his wine making skills. From Chardonnay to Pinot Noir through to Syrah, it is the perfect panoply for perfect cheese and wine matchings!

 You could surprise yourself and realise how this pairing game is easy once you know how to select the partners carefully!


Aussie Christmas Box



Chocolate Christmas Tree from Adixions 🍫

This extra special treat not only looks good but it tastes even better!

Made by hand by Vicki from Adixions Luxe Chocolates, you are guaranteed to get the best ingredients to create a wonderfully balanced and happy mouthfeel.

Your tastebuds will thank you for it!



Christmas Royale  

Join us for the last Cheese After Dark of the year!

And what better way to celebrate the Christmas season than joining force with some of our favourite collaborators - Erin and Tess Fowler (artists), Louis Roederer (champagne) and Threefold Distilling (cocktails)!

The theme this year might have something to do with a certain James.... James Bond!

A Cheese After Dark you don't want to miss as everything we like about what we are doing is going to be playing together.

Five cheeses, 2 champagnes and 4 cocktails to name a few things... the rest will be released as a surprise on the night.

Trust us... it is worth it


Christmas Royale



Tea Towels 💙

Our beautiful linen tea-towels are back in stock!

Designed by a young local artist, it shows what we love about our state of South Australia. Who said we could have too many tea-towels?

This one is unique and will remind you of all the good cheese you get from us.




December Box 🎅🏻

Our December Box will only leave our premises on Monday the 11th of December so that you get your cheeses closer to the Big Day!

Four delightful cheeses that you will be proud to add on your Christmas cheeseboard. 

We will reveal only one for now... Shropshire Blue from Long Clawson. With your glass of port in hand, you can relax. Christmas is definitely on 


Clawson Shropshire Blue


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