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Cheese Platter 101; Less is More!

When it comes to creating an interesting cheese platter, I am of the view that less is often more.

I find it more interesting to focus on a bigger piece of cheese rather than a multitude of small ones. It gives me a chance to not only find the perfect beverage for it, but also to select some interesting bread, crackers, and fruit paste if need be.

The selection of such a hero cheese is where the fun begins… if you have a good cheesemonger to rely upon! A good cheesemonger always knows what’s perfect to eat at any given time. It is only a matter of asking you the right questions: What do you like? When is it for? How many people are you catering for? What are you intending to drink with it?

Then buy a portion big enough to not only cater for your family or friends but also big enough to make a serious impression. For example, a quarter of a big wheel of Brie is attractive as well as enticing. You can add a few slices of apple, various nuts and honeycomb. Add a fresh baguette with some interesting crackers and a bottle of cool climate Chardonnay out for a perfect match.

With only one cheese, you can also get to learn a bit more about it. Ask your cheesemonger to tell you everything he or she knows about the cheese you are purchasing. Who is the producer? Which state or country? Any particular stories in relation to that articular cheese?

Let’s say you bought that quarter Brie. How about you learn the difference between that cheese and its smaller cousin, the Camembert? You could even refer to a map of France and locate the Brie area (70 kms South East of Paris). You could also learn that Louis XVI was a real fan of this cheese. So much so that he lost his head for it; he got arrested at the Inn he was usually purchasing his Brie while escaping the French révolutionaires in 1792!

You get the idea…

Make it interesting, fun and of course, mouth-watering and super flavoursome!

- Valerie! 

Featured in this photo is Fromage de Meaux with local fruit paste and Cheese Culture Plain Crispbreads. 

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