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Smelly Cheese Co.

The Perfect Mother's Day Box


For the woman in your life who deserves the most delicious Mother's Day treat! Forget flowers and chocolates - nothing shows true appreciation like cheese, bubbles and gin!

We have packed our favourite cheeses with the choice of  the divine Brimoncourt Champagne or our favourite Pot & Still Fig Gin from the Adelaide Hills - all delivered to your mum, or his mum or their mum -  in a beautifully presented box with a handwritten card with your personal  message.

Inside the box Mum will receive :

Delice St Cyr

This soft bloomy rind triple cream is sourced from the Ile de France in North-Central France. The milk in enriched with ripened cream and then made using traditional methods. The fine white rind encases a delicate savoury but very creamy interior.

Section28 Mont Priscilla

Kym Masters went to the Haut Jura region of France to study a style of cheese made by farmers using the leftover curds. Placed in a barrel overnight they would sprinkle ash from burnt vine leaves on the fresh curd in order to prevent a rind from forming overnight (and to keep insects away). They would then top it up with more curd the next day. This gave the cheese its distinctive ash line but would also result in a slightly different colour and texture between the top and the bottom. Kym returned to set up Section28, where he is hand-making uniquely Australian cheese using the same technique. This cheese acknowledges this history whilst capturing the terroir of the Adelaide Hills via the local milk. This cheese has a yeasty aroma and a vibrant flavour with a hint of citrus.

Chabichou du Poitou

This particular cheese has a thin wrinkled white rind when young with a blue/grey mould forming over parts of the rind and later a reddish growth may develop. The interior is firm and snow white and will become drier with age. It has a sweet, delicate flavour when young and will develop hazelnut characters as it ripens and eventually the stronger tangy goat flavour will dominate.

Falwassar Charcoal Crackers

Gluten Free Activated Charcoal Crispbread is all natural gluten free wafer thin crispbread, made with Activated Coconut Charcoal. 

Just to prove that you are the favourite - you can also add :

Brimoncourt Champagne Brut Régence

Dominated by Chardonnay, Brut Régence has a great aromatic finesse and embodies Brimoncourt’s spirit and signature. It is a gallant wine all the more seducing with its freshness, round texture and delicately fruity finish.
The dominant Chardonnay feature creates a delicate, subtle and very elegant bouquet. It reveals white flowers aroma and charming fruity notes thanks to the Pinot Noir. Its affirmed minerality gives it distinction and nobility. The well-rounded mouth is enjoyable; a dash of freshness invigorates the palate and brings out a beautiful, ample and complex structure with a good length in mouth.  

Pot and Still Adelaide Hills Fig Gin

25 years chemical free, Estate grown Figs poached gently to extract the sweet fig aroma, essence, and earthiness. The gin botanicals and spirit show early on the nose with all the fig showing on the palate. Pour over ice and enjoy or add some lime for a flavor explosion, a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity which stretches the profile, then add a little good tonic to create the perfect G&T.

Please write your message in the notes for us to add to the box. Last orders need to be received by Wednesday 14th May for delivery around Australia and local pick up orders until Friday 16th May. 

The Perfect Mother's Day Box