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Smelly Cheese Co.

Cheese with knife in the middle

The Smelly Cheese Shop was founded in the Adelaide Central Market, South Australia, in 2001. Originally destined to sell cheeses that had been elusive and exclusive to customers of the markets, in June 2021 the brand entered a new chapter as the Smelly Cheese Co., to incorporate the many facets of the business. Owner Valerie Henbest is passionate about consuming and promoting cheese and cheese education. Valerie spends her life sharing this appetite via the cheeses she personally selects for sale from all over Australia and the world. Smelly Cheese Co. is the result of 20 years nurturing this passion for cheese and all that is cheese related.

Now more than ever, Valerie and the Smelly Cheese Co. team are sharing the joy that is brought from enjoying cheese as far and wide as is possible. Navigate through our website to view the extensive list of cheese, accompaniments and merchandise that is available to be delivered to 98% of Australian homes and businesses. Visit our Events page to see how you can be involved in cheese tastings, pairings, and food events both online and at destinations around Australia. Please contact us if you have any questions, if there is a cheese you can’t seem to find, if you would like to enquire about any of the events or educational opportunities we have available or if you wish to create one with us yourself.

At the Smelly Cheese Co. we don’t just love cheese, we love sharing our passion with everyone who enjoys cheese no matter how much or how little. We look forward to the opportunity to add a little more cheese into your life! We deliver cheese around Australia and invite you to shop with us for your next cheese delivery or select to click and collect from the Central Market five days a week.


The woman behind the cheese - Valérie Henbest

Valerie Henbest photo

Born and bred in Normandy, France, Valérie made the ultimate life change by moving to Australia over 20 years ago. Through immersing herself in the Australian food culture Valerie wanted to bring together the best of both the ‘old world’ style of cheese making and consumption and the burgeoning Australian industry. Cheese education and exploration was her prime motivation and therefore with very little hesitation, Valerie decided to take her destiny into her own hands and worked towards making sure she would share with us one of the things that she missed the most:  le Fromage!

Valerie started selecting a range of her favourite cheeses and embarked on a new importing business involving air and sea-freight landing regularly in Australia. With a focus on building strong lifelong relationships with boutique French producers, Valerie enjoyed frequent visits to France as well as facilitating reciprocal visits to Australia enabling French producers to showcase their cheeses. This naturally evolved to include cheeses from all over Europe and the United States, creating many more fulfilling and enriching relationships along the way. Hand selecting cheeses from all over the world compliments and contrasts the array of Australian cheeses the Smelly Cheese Co. boasts for sale.

Proudly becoming the sole owner of The Smelly Cheese Shop in 2019 provided extra opportunities to develop long held dreams and passions such as the rebrand to the Smelly Cheese Co. in June 2021. Valerie manages a packed schedule full of Cheese After Dark tasting nights, online masterclasses as well as private tastings and events. You are also likely to bump into her in the Central Market visiting her shop and her neighbours, easily identified by the baguette forever in her hands.