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Smelly Cheese Co

Subscription Box


Our subscription service was born from a desire to bring the best and most unique cheeses to cheese lovers around Australia. Sign up for four seasonal cheeses produced by skilled artisan makers worldwide, with the finest of accompaniments, delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

It can be daunting to face a cheese counter with over 200 different cheeses, some of which you can hardly pronounce their names. A relationship with a good cheesemonger is the way to go if you, like us, are too busy or too far away to make it to your favourite shops on a regular basis.

Join Valerie Henbest, best known as our resident Cheese Tragic, on our latest cheese adventure. Every month Valerie will select four cheeses to expand your palate and cheese experiences, and ensure you always have cheese in the fridge for when unexpected guests drop in. You are invited to enjoy the great classics while discovering new and exciting cheeses you might have never heard of.  They say cheese is best enjoyed with good friends so each month Valerie will be joined by Nick Stock, international wine expert, and Mandy Hall, Masterchef Australia 2019 contestant. Who will include wine pairing suggestions and a recipe with at least one of the featured cheeses as a hero ingredient in the monthly brochure and on an exclusive Zoom call of which you are invited to participate in. 

Remove the need to make decisions and let Valerie and the Smelly Cheese Co. make your cheese consumption a breeze. 

Have any questions? Click here for our FAQ page for subscription packages.