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Adelaide’s Highest Cheese Night

La Saracca – Cow’s Milk (raw) - Semi-hard, Adelaide Hills, SA

La Saracca is made in the classic style of the alpine cheeses of Northern Italy and is based on the Fontina Vecchio. The cheese is made from raw milk and then washed weekly for a minimum of six months in our cave. It has an incredibly robust, rich, and complex flavour, with earthy, savoury notes and a nuttiness providing a long and memorable finish.

Monforte – Cow’s Milk – Semi-Hard – Adelaide Hills, South Australia 

Monforte is Section 28 Kym Masters flagship cheese, handcrafted in very limited quantities from the best cow’s milk produced by the dairy. It is a raw milk (unpasteurised), semi-hard cheese with a complex, but not overpowering flavour. Monforte has an initially sweet, milky and fruity taste, that is balanced by emerging brothy and roasted nut flavours with a subtle earthy undertone. 

Monte Rosso - Cow’s Milk - Washed-Rind - Woodside - Australia

Inspired by the Italian Taleggio, and made with an old Taleggio recipe and heritage cultures sourced from Italy, Monte Rosso has a more traditional flavour and texture than other modern versions. This Adelaide Hills cheese is washed two to three times per week for a month with a brevi-linen that is designed to create a light orange rind that has a distinctive, but subtle aroma. As a result, Monte Rosso has a more supple paste and a milder aroma than modern Italian Taleggio. Monte Rosso has a sweet, buttery taste with hints of fruit and a lingering lactic finish. Its velvety paste is balanced by a thin aromatic, orange rind that has hints of smoked ham but does not have an overpowering aroma. A very versatile cheese that will enjoy playing with a beverage rich in fruity notes that comes from the same region! 

Section28 Raclette – Cow’s Milk - Semi-hard - Adelaide Hills, SA

Our Raclette is made using traditional European methods making it perfect for use as a grilling and melting cheese. It has an aromatic, thin orange-brown rind and a smooth, supple straw-yellow paste. The paste has a rich buttery flavour and a delicate nuttiness that is balanced by sweet, fruity notes and a meaty, savoury finish. These flavours and aromas are intensified as the cheese melts.

Cheese Culture Cloth Cheddar - Cow’s Milk (raw) - Hard, Murray Bridge, South Australia

This cloth cheddar has a long history in Murray Bridge. Generations of Murray Bridge cheese makers have used the same traditional recipe for this great local cheddar. Made to our specifications the wheels of cheese come to us at around 4 weeks old. They are then placed into our care to mature. Kept in our maturing room they receive lots of care and attention in the high humidity, constant temperature environment. The wheels are released for sale after approximately spending 12 months in our room. The result is a beautifully balanced, full flavoured traditional cheddar with a long finish to be savoured.

Appenzeller - Cow’s Milk - Semi-Hard - Appenzell, Switzerland

Appenzell is a small town, surrounded by lush pastures in North Eastern Switzerland, where this specialty cheese has been made for over 700 years. The raw milk comes from cows that are never fed on silage or anything that includes additives. Appenzeller is a pressed, cooked curd cheese with a rind that is brushed with brine containing a secret spicy herbal recipe. The best wheels of Appenzeller are selected for extra maturation. They are then carefully matured for a further six months to develop more complexity and earn the Appenzeller Extra classification. The natural rind is reddish to dark brown and contains a pale yellow interior with small eyes. The uniquely spicy flavour is a reflection of the secret herbal mix and and transports you straight to Switzerland. 

Comté Arnaud AOC* 15 month - Raw Cow’s Milk - Semi Hard - Franche-Comté, France

Named after the Franche-Comté region, this is the most popular cheese eaten in France, with 40,000 tonnes produced per year. Fromagerie Arnaud select from quality cheese makers and transport the cheese to their own fort for maturation. This takes place inside a former Napoleonic fort buried into a hill, with magnificent vaulted rooms and kilometres of galleries. The fort holds 75,000 wheels of Comté and each wheel is graded every three months to ensure the best quality. This cheese has buttery, roasted-nut aromas and a sweet finish. It has nutty, aromatic flavours.

Petit Graindorge Camembert - Cow’s Milk - White Mould, France

Camembert was created by Marie Harel in the little village of Camembert in Normandy, in 1791. It is said that after she hid a protestant priest during the tumultuous French revolution times, she received a gift from him - his own cheese recipe. As he was coming from the Brie region, it is only fair to assume Marie’s Camembert is a smaller, but not a very distant cousin, from the famous Brie. Petit Camembert is presenting mild mushroom aromas that are well balanced with the saltiness and supple creamy texture of its interior. The flavour profile has typical cauliflower notes, which intensify as the cheese ripens.

To order any of the cheeses from tonight please email or use the search function on our website to find any of the above cheeses.